Leica CL Brochure

As promised last week, here's the Leica CL catalogue from 1973, a nice look at what has become one of the company's most popular models. The CL is a lovely, compact camera but it's not without its weaknesses. Chief amongst these seem to be it's built-in meter and the reliability of the slow shutter speeds. If you get a good one, though, I'll bet you have a camera that you wouldn't want to part with too readily.

Here's the rest of the catalogue. They're big, printable files so apologies again if they take a while to load. Have fun.


  1. I have owned two CLs. They are probably the most inconvenient-to-use cameras I've ever owned.

  2. When I was 17 my Dad offered to buy me a camera, a Leica. He sent me to the camera shop where he had left two options I could consider when I visited on my own: a Leica CL and a 40 C Summicron and a 90 C Elmar; or a button rewind M2 with a version 2 50 Summilux with filter, hood and case, the original box and instructions. I did look at both options but I could not go past the M2 and Summilux and I still have the M2 and it has film in it now. Only occasionally do I think of the alternative I might have pursued. I think I made the right decision.