The Surfers


The Surfers was a quick grab shot whilst I was having a coffee in the car, parked in a space reserved for disabled drivers (the only one I could find). I had the Hexar AF with me and was mid-way through a roll of Delta 100.

The shot looks quite sharp which is amazing since it was taken through the strongly curved windscreen of my old Saab 900. The three figures just appeared from nowhere and were in the configuration you can see above when I looked up from texting on my phone.

I liked the composition with the coffee cup and steering wheel in the frame. You can see the steam from the hot coffee on the glass. The disabled parking sign reinforces the distinction between the active surfers and the couch potato taking the photograph.

In the full-frame shot, a little bit of the car to the right of me protrudes into the picture as does the sun shade at the top left. I thought about leaving them in but decided they didn’t add anything to the composition.

Although this was just a spur-of-the-moment pic, it ended up as one of my favourites from 2021.


  1. Yeah I like this Bruce - it has that 60's 'observer' look to it if you know what I mean. I hadn't noticed the steam till you pointed it out, but it adds that final observation stamp to it - well done.

  2. Thanks, Phil. I like the fact that there's quite a lot going on. It almost falls into Stephen Shore's "structurally dense" category. Haha. Speaking of whom, I came across an interesting Guardian article about him and his Leica.